Cosmetics are things that are very close to women’s lives. Along with the times, women are now almost unable to escape from the use of cosmetics. The reason is, many women feel less confident when going out without wearing makeup.

But, cosmetics sometimes do not last long because of sweaty skin. If you have this, you need to re-apply the makeup so that the face looks fresher. Sometimes, there are some women who don’t carry makeup supplies and end up borrowing from friends. In fact, the use of makeup together is not good for the skin.

There are some cosmetics that should not be used simultaneously with others. Want to know, what are the cosmetics? Check out the reviews compiled from Boldsky, Tuesday (2/20/2018), below:

Solid foundation

Solid foundation that is taken by means of a finger poked should not be used together with others. There are a lot of germs contained in it because of the way to pick it from being pinched. Make sure your hands are clean before taking this object. If necessary, use a clean spatula when you want to take the foundation from the container.


Powder may also not be loaned to others. Puff in the powder contains a lot of dirt. If used together, it could be dirt from your friend’s face settles in the puff and irritate the skin.


Mascara is a cosmetic that is useful to enhance the appearance of the eye. Curling eyelashes will make the face look more alive. But, you should not lend mascara to others. Because the mascara brush contains various impurities that are feared to irritate the eyes if used together. Instead, replace the mascara after using it for six months so as not to cause eye problems.


These lipstick products, which are either solid or liquid, should also not be used with others. Lips are one of the dirtiest parts of the face that are used as an entrance for food and drink. Usually, a woman will re-apply lipstick after eating without washing her lips first. In fact, dirty lips that contain lots of bacteria. That is why you should not be used when your lips are dirty especially with other people.

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