Skin care is an important thing that must be done. This is one that is often the main focus for women.

Understandably, women are more concerned with appearance than men. Even so, there are still many women who make mistakes when treating facial skin.

Mistakes that are not realized that over time can make skin damaged. So, what are the appropriate steps to use skin care products?

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Micellar Water

Micellar water is the latest facial cleanser that is trending in the world of beauty. This water-based product is commonly used to clean up the rest of makeup quickly without making the skin dry. These advantages make micellar water more widely used than makeup removers.

Face Wash Soap

After removing the rest of the makeup with micellar water, continue to rinse the face with facial washing soap. Choose gentle facial washing soap according to skin type.

Facial Scrub

So that the face feels softer and more supple, wear a special scrub once a week. Choose a scrub that suits your skin type. This scrub works to remove dead skin cells and dirt that clog facial pores.


Rinse face scrub with clean water before applying toner. This one beauty product works to lift the remaining scrubs that are still left in the outer layer of the skin.


After the skin is completely clean, proceed with applying a special serum. This serum is useful for maintaining skin moisture and elasticity.


Wait 10 minutes for the serum to dry before applying a moisturizer. This one cosmetics should not be forgotten if you want healthy and fresh skin.


Remember, moisturizer alone is not enough to maintain skin beauty from the sun and free radicals. That is why you must wear sunscreen if you want to travel in the morning or afternoon.

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