Ella Skin Care beauty clinic launched a new treatment to meet the needs of its customers, Friday (1/25/2019). The new treatments are glowing bright yellow laser and vascular yellow laser.

Armed with a laser device that is claimed to be safe for the skin of the Asian community, Ella offers better facial skin care. Ella Skin Care Corporate Marketing Manager, Ida Cahyani, said the yellow laser is the world’s first diode laser with a wavelength of 577 nm.

“Unlike other lasers that are oriented towards white skin, pro yellow laser has a high effectiveness and is safe to use for Asian skin,” he said in a release received by Solopos.com, Thursday (1/24/2019).

He said the laser was very selective against pigments and blood components so it did not cause side effects. Glowing bright yellow laser treatment functions as a skin rejuvenator.

Benefits of Yellow Laser at Ella Skincare

Ida also mentioned that the yellow laser treatment at Ella Skincare can improve uneven skin tone due to pigmentation and deal with reddish spots due to dilation of blood vessels on the surface of the skin.

While vascular yellow laser treatment functions to close the blood vessels so they do not get bruised.

“Patients can immediately move after the treatment. The results obtained are also better, long-lasting and without side effects,” he said.

Learn More About Yellow Laser Treatment

How is the price?

The treatment can be enjoyed at a price of Rp1,200,000. Prices are complete including yellow serum. In Solo, this laser glowing treatment is available starting Friday at Ella Skin Care branch Dr. Supomo

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