Hendrik Solo Beauty Education Institute introduces hair color trends 2020 to the people of Solo in the Non-Formal Education Festival (PNFest) at the Solo Grand Mall (SGM) Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (9/29/2019). Hair color trends are shown more to the daily concept for young people.

The leader of Hendrik Salon and Hendrik Solo Beauty Education Institute, Sherly Wijaya, said that the trend of young people’s daily hair color in 2020 is more directed to natural concepts and bright colors or berry colors.

“The trend in 2020 is more to the texture of hair color, such as tinge and brighter color. For example, for women there is pink, and for men there is purple. More to the berry color. But the artificial ones, like wood with fiber. “It’s more natural. The colors aren’t too prominent but they come out,” he told Solopos.com when he was met at Solo Grand Mall (SGM), Sunday (9/29/2019).

As for the 2020 hair fashion trend, he said more on the wavy hairdo. “For the same color as I mentioned earlier. Then for the shape of long hair, it will be curly, if it is short, it will be wavy or wave. It will look like waves,” he explained.

According to Sherly, this trend is very suitable for the people of Solo and surrounding areas. “In my opinion, the Solo people like natural style. So this is suitable,” he continued.

But to make models and hair color, it is advisable to go to a professional hairdresser. “This is a new innovation. Not all hair stylists can do it,” he continued. Sherly said the trend displayed at that time was a trend inspired by hair styles abroad such as in Australia.

Hendrik Salon and Bridal has been established since 1999 and has now penetrated the world of entertainment and education services. Service products offered include hair, skin and nail salons, as well as hair stylists and makeup. There is also a beauty academy, videography, and photography which are currently having a pre-wedding promo to Melbourne Australia and Central Java

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